Roofing Surveys & Inspections in Edinburgh

When making an investment in a property, whether it is commercial or residential, it is imperative that buyers ensure that they are making a sound investment that won’t quickly become a money pit.

A roof is one of the most important parts of a building, not to mention one of the biggest and more expensive jobs should anything go wrong with it. Having an inspection before you commit yourself to signing on any dotted line is a great way of really measuring how good said investment is.

If you are looking for somebody to carry out a roofing survey or inspection in Edinburgh, look no further than the team of experts at CastleHomeTrades.

Fully accredited with an abundance of experience, our roofers will assess the roof and flag up any current problems, as well as potential problems that could arise in the future.

Our inspections are extremely thorough and will leave you with an in-depth survey, accompanied with an outline of any problems that need repairing and what they will cost.

The roof survey and inspection will tell you the following:

  • How old the roof covering is and how long the roofer thinks it has left in it.
  • How the structure is - this covers both external and internal structure and checks for things like sagging, ventilation, excess moisture and wall plates.
  • Installation quality - we will tell you how well the roof and windows (if any) have been installed.
  • The condition of the chimney stacks
  • The condition of the flashing
  • Valleys and gulleys - how long they will last and whether they need any repair
  • Guttering - Any current problems or potential problems will be flagged up and the estimated lifespan noted
  • Soft spot check in flat roofs

The above is a brief summary of what our expert will cover, with the individual requirements of the customer being met on each job. We won’t invent problems in order to create a job out the end of the inspection and take our honesty and integrity extremely seriously.

Once the inspection is complete, should anything go wrong after the job is complete, our guarantee means that you are covered and we will be straight back out to ensure that any problems are rectified, meaning you can have complete confidence that you really are getting the very best service.

Get in touch now to book your comprehensive roof inspection and survey with CastleHomeTrades - 0800 2289 298.

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