Roofing Repairs in Edinburgh

A roof in need of repair can quickly become a homeowner’s worst nightmare and can act like a catalyst for a whole host of other problems if it isn’t fixed quickly and efficiently.

Whether you have a flat roof, a slate roof, a felt roof or any other type for that matter, we have a team of experts who can hot foot it to your aid and ensure that any problems are firmly nipped in the bud, avoiding any further issues in the future and saving you money.

Some common roofing problems include:

  • Loose/lost/broken tiles or shingles - The weather, birds, insects and general wear and tear can all cause tiles or shingles to breakdown and deteriorate over the years; just one broken tile can be disastrous to a home by letting in water and triggering other issues.
  • Bad flashing - Flashing seals your roof to avoid water seeping in and is usually found around velux windows, chimneys and pipes. When flashing has worn down over time, or not been properly installed, the open seams can make tiles blow off, opening your roof to the elements.
  • Ice and Snow - When the temperature drops in the winter, it is common for water on roofs to freeze in the nooks and crannies of the tiles and the flashing, causing them to stretch and even crack. This can then cause mould and even rot and encourages leaks.
  • Poor maintenance - It’s not a job that many like, but it is important to regularly maintain your roof in order to diagnose problems early and keep it in good condition. By having a routine maintenance check, you can increase the life of your roof.
  • Bad Ventilation - Poor ventilation stops warm air escaping and can allow heat and moisture to build up, which will eventually damage rafters.

These are just a few of the problems out there that homeowners can incur, however, at CastleHomeTrades in Edinburgh, our roofers are experts across the board who are able to quickly diagnose and rectify any roofing problem with ease.

All of our work is guaranteed, meaning that in the unlikely event of anything going wrong once the job is complete, you are covered; your peace of mind is paramount to us.

We believe that no job is too large or small, and whether the work required on your property will take an hour or a week, we treat each job with the same care. Our experts can call out to devise a tailored quote that comes with a no obligation policy. Get in touch now to discuss the options available to you.

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