Electrical rewiring in Edinburgh

The network of electrical wiring in your home or business is the nerve centre of the building that provides the power you need to get things done, or to just simply relax and enjoy yourself. But it doesn't last forever as it's prone to damage and fraying, potentially putting a building's occupants at risk of injury.

Old wiring in particular poses a hazard to homes, simply because of its age and that it most likely won't meet current electrical safety standards. It's not that the wires themselves might have suffered degradation over the years but the insulating material surrounding it, which may erode as time goes by and create fire and shock risks.

For many homeowners, the last thing on their mind is a rewire of their house, given the time and expense, but if your wiring is more than a couple of decades old, you should at least have it inspected to find out its condition, and here at CastleHomeTrades we can give yours a thorough check.

It could make all the difference to protecting your loved ones, and your home. In addition, if a catastrophic event such as a fire broke out and you claimed insurance, it could be rejected if the cause was determined to be faulty or bad electrical rewiring.

Domestic and Commercial Electrical Rewiring

If it's the case that your home or business has to have an electrical rewire, finding the right electrician to do it for you is critical. They'll give you a good price, cause minimal disruption and have it done in no time – plus, the work will be guaranteed, giving you peace of mind. That’s exactly what we’ve got for you at CastleHomeTrades.

Our skilled electricians will remove the existing wiring in stages, from one circuit to the next, and may have to lift up floorboards to do so. When that's done, new wiring will be put in place, and electrical sockets and wall switches may have to be added to the system. The layout of homes changes over the years, with different rooms being used for different things, and it may well be that you have a requirement for additional sockets in specific areas, and if so, we will be able to install them.

When all the rewiring is done, it's time to test the system to make sure it's safe and working properly. You never have to worry about being in the dark during the time the work is being done because we will always make sure power is available.

For guaranteed top-quality rewiring for your home or business, get in touch with CastleHomeTrades today. We'll carry out a free survey and give you a no-obligation quote that will be highly competitive.

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