Boiler Sales and Installation in Edinburgh

When it comes to looking for a new boiler and having it installed, there is only one person that you should listen to: a gas safe qualified engineer.

At CastleHomeTrades, we cut out the overbearing sales pitch that many people receive and provide our customers with real quotes from real engineers that have the proper expertise needed to evaluate you needs and find a solution that ties in with your budget.

We believe that no customer should be ripped off by a salesman and boiler installation is not something that can be generically fitted to suit everybody; our staff work one on one with all customers to ensure that they are getting exactly what they need and not what a salesman would want them to have.

Whilst many services such as ‘power flush’ are up sold to customers in order to gain more commission and revenue for the salesperson, we explain to our customers that these are not add-ons; they are essential tasks that need to be carried out in order to ensure that your new boiler is running properly and efficiently.

If a Gas Safe Qualified engineer is required to install your boiler, why would you want a salesman giving you a quote?

After one of our plumbers at CastleHomeTrades have completed the installation, our customers continue to be looked after by our warranty and service aftercare; we don’t believe in ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and we take being a service provider in Edinburgh very seriously.

All of our work comes with a guarantee meaning that in the unlikely event that a problem arises after we complete the job, you are completely covered.

To discuss your boiler installation and book a free consultation please call: 0800 2289 298

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