Attic/Loft conversion in Edinburgh - Create more living space in your home

You may not realise it, but you possibly have more potential living space in your home than you're aware of. It's up there, right under your roof – all that space in the attic, just going to waste. More and more people are nowadays discovering how they can get added enjoyment from their homes as well as increasing its value, by converting their attics into stunning living spaces.

Maybe you're already using your attic for storage, where you keep anything from old toys and broken exercise equipment to bags of clothes and Christmas decorations. Think how much better it would be to create a stylish new bedroom, living space, study or bathroom. For people whose homes already have limited space, especially in built-up cities, and growing families, converting their attic is the sensible option.

Stylish attic conversions

Perhaps you already have an idea of what you'd like to do with your attic, and have a design in mind, or you might have no idea at all. Either way, you can get expert design and construction advice from a reputable firm such as CastleHomeTrades; our engineers will first carry out an inspection of the area and then offer suggestions as to its optimal use.

Once you've agreed on the design and construction has begun, it's important that the household is not disrupted by the process. You certainly won't want builders trampling all over the house and creating lots of mess and noise that would make living there unbearable.

At CastleHomeTrades, we always ensure our employees are respectful and discreet when working in a client's home, so that the impact on the occupants is as minimal as can be. For instance, it may be possible to bring the required building materials into the loft area externally, instead of through the house, and we will certainly explore all possibilities.

You’ll find that the cost of converting your attic into a living space is surprisingly affordable, and with the benefits of a more pleasurable home and a significant increase in its value, it will all add up to a wise investment, for you and your family.

So don’t let your attic space go to waste. Get in touch with CastleHomeTrades now and transform your home into a more beautiful place. We’ll carry out a free survey and tell you what might best suit your attic, and we’ll also give you a highly competitive no-obligation quote.

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